The Passion of the King - Producer Kit and Licensing

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If you are looking for a dynamic, effective and epic musical about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, you found it. "The Passion of the King" is a 2 and a half hour "broadway" caliber show with a fully recorded cinematic score involving men, women and children. Intense, high energy crowd scenes, beautiful and inspiring ballads are weaved into a seamless journey through time. With this kit you receive demo videos, demo cd's, the full soundtrack, script and marketing material. Plus, you get regular consulting with the writer and director of the show. Watch video trailers at or

The pricing is for all auditorium sizes and two weeks of performances. If you order this year, the current price stands for next year (if you decide to wait a year to perform it). The price will go up in 2012. For more questions call (860) 305-1061 or email us at