Sunday In Manhattan "Live" DVD - The Billy Sunday Story


Here is the show that toured America, seen by nearly 100,000 people. The tour is over, but the DVD lives on. This is the only musical about the life and legacy of baseball evangelist Billy Sunday and his impact on America. It's a riveting historic journey with songs and music you will never forget and an amazing parallel between America today and a century ago. This DVD features nearly 200 historic photos of Billy and his ministry, 19th Century baseball, WWI, old Manhattan, Chicago and more. Billy Sunday is the man President Theodore Roosevelt considered the "foremost reformer in the country." This poor boy from Iowa found fame and success as a National League ball player, but left it all behind to become a preacher. He became one of the most dynamic revivalist's of all time. 100 million heard him and over one million turned to Christ. This musical reveals the essence of his ministry and takes you through the struggles and hardships of his life. In 1917 Sunday took New York City by storm. With the world at war he was in a war of his own. "Sunday in Manhattan" Live on DVD Plus a special Mini Documentary on Billy Sunday including actual footage of Billy preaching. 100 additiona historic photos. A special Alter Call given by Brent Grosvenor including his testimony and an 8 Page Color Booklet The performance itself also includes an additional 100 historic photos.